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<aside> 🚀 Currently, the primary variable impacting staking reward rates is NFT trading volume. While NFT trading volume ramps up, Immutable will consider all options to ensure staking rewards are competitive, including:

Our goal is not to achieve the highest staking reward rate on paper (particularly because $IMX staking is non-inflationary), but to provide adequate incentives to ensure a large proportion of tokens are staked.


The purpose of this calculator is to help you visualize and dig into different scenarios for staking rewards. The following are the key factors of this calculation:

Input Output
Amount staked which is the amount of IMX tokens you’d stake Return which is the rewards you get from staking
Epochs which is the time period you’re staking (1 Epoch = 2 weeks)
IMX Yearly Volume which is the volume traded through the IMX protocol (the bigger the better!)
% of Circ. Supply Staked which is how many are staking and getting rewards in total

Use the calculator here. You’ll quickly notice that it’s most important to attract as much volume to the IMX protocol as possible to increase rewards.

<aside> ❓ Project development tokens (the 25% owned by Immutable Pty Ltd.) will not be staked for the foreseeable future. We will notify the community if these plans change.