Last updated on: 5 September 2022

First in transaction volume and competitive in sales volume

As highlighted in the ‣, maximizing NFT trading volume is a key driver of value for everyone in the Immutable X ecosystem. Below is a snapshot of the volume of Immutable X so far with comparables.

<aside> 🎖️ Immutable X volume is among the top and competitive with other protocols.



The data is as of 5 September 2022 from CryptoSlam. We’re working with data aggregators like them and Dappradar to make Immutable X data available directly.

Immutable X is just getting started. As more of our top-notch global customers launch (GameStop, Illuvium, Embersword, Guild of Guardians), we expect trading volume to significantly increase.

Top brands are building with Immutable X, and it’s just the beginning

Some of customers building on IMX are:

With a lot more brands you probably know!

We’re building a world-class team poised for hyper-growth

Immutable now has 180 “A” players and we’re constantly hiring. We also have a strong bench of veteran senior executives that have scaled high-growth companies such as SafetyCulture, Meta, Polygon, Riot Games, and CultureAMP.